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2003-10-10 17:50:43 (UTC)

If you still read this...........

If u still read my diary, tell me. I need to know. I wrote
you a letter the other day and i never got a response. That
hurts me. I love you with all my haeart. Im going to PRIDE
Tuesday. Just call or something, let me know how you are.
I've changed a lot. I realized it so much. I actually care
about things now. Your sister is a bitch. I hate her.
That's really messed up that she won't allow me to taklj to
you. My Aunt Jeannie lives in your old house now. I was
over there the other day. It's changed so much. My name is
still in the closet. Im back with Keith. He's 21 now.
Strange huh. Well gurly Chris sayz hi. (Christopher Wayne
Allen) (Galloway) Oh yeah Jonathon is in jail for 2 yrs. He
wasn't paying child support, and he revoked probation. Sam
was at the mall a couple of nights ago. He said your sis
won't let you talk to him eith (what a bitch) i love you &
i gotta go. Nicole Trapp had her baby. She had a little
boy, she named him Trevor.