Ramblings of a Mom
2003-10-10 12:41:38 (UTC)

Getting ready for the weekend...

Well, it's finally Friday! Yeah!!! The only bad thing
about Friday is not that it's payday, but it is the time
that I pay our bills, so all that money that comes in, goes
right back out.
My son has had an incredible week with school so tomorrow I
am taking him to a dinosaur exhibit at the museum as well
as a 3-D Imax movie about dinosaurs. They studied
dinosaurs last week and it piqued his interest again. He
is so amazing about things. He has gone into this stage of
asking a lot of questions right now. Yesterday at
breakfast it was "what are leaves made out of?" I told him
that I thought that it was wood, and he told me no, can't
be, wood is hard.
Today's question was about why do people have pink lips.
Men, kids, and ladies? I told him I did not know and was
preparing a God made us that way answer when I asked him
why he thought it was. He thought about it a bit and then
told me it was because people loved each other so much.
It's times like that that make me love him even more than I
ever thought possible.
I kinda feel guilty about last night. An old b/f called to
ask me how to get to a football field in town b/c his
daughter would be there tonight for a football game (she
plays in the band). He wanted me to go and see her too. I
turned him down. I love his daughter and all, but it's
been a really long time since I have seen or spoken to her
(like 2 years plus) and I don't trust this guy to tell the
absolute truth. He claims that she still wants to see me
and that she (and no doubt he as well) wants to see us
together. I told him that I didn't think it appropriate or
a good idea for me to go to a football game with him to see
her tonight. For God's sake, I don't want her to get into
trouble for talking during the game (I was in band in HS
too), nor does it look right for me to be with somebody
that I am no longer 'with' and be walking around with him 6
months pregnant. Especially knowing that within the last 4-
6 weeks even, he has proposed to sleep with me! I hope
that I did the right thing.
Well, yesterday I called the county about my child
enforcement case and they basically acted like it would be
awhile before they even did anything. I told them I don't
think so, not when you cashed my $20 check to do it! Then
in the mail yesterday I get a letter saying that they have
initiated it 'at your request'. That throws me b/c the
enforcement officer said that it would not show any
initiation from me! That so far as my ex was concerned, it
was initiated by them. The letter also reads that I should
be receiving either $ or another letter from them in 2
weeks and if I don't, to call the officer to see what he is
I also talked to the state yesterday about a missing child
support check, and that could take another 3 weeks to
process too! It's no wonder that single parents end up in
the system for government assistance! The people enforcing
the orders are too 'overloaded' to care about you and your
child's needs. I don't consider my ex a necessarily dead-
beat dad, but he could use some improvement too. If it
wasn't for my current husband, I don't know how my son and
I would make it on the minimal support I get from his Dad.
It doesn't cover anything. It probably would only cover
the after-school care for him if I was working. Not any of
our rent, utilities, living expenses, or medical bills.
In the 3 1/2 years that we have been apart, I have never
been on public assistance of any part, I have made it work
no matter how hard that may have been or how much we
struggled. I can not imagine what other parents who have
multiple children before the court feel or experience or
even how they survive with this lackidaisical system!
Anyway, gotta sign off, it's laundry day! Later.

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