A day in the life....
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2003-10-10 04:00:38 (UTC)

Swedish Covenant and so much more...

Hey everyone!
I have much to write but for now i'll just give a brief
overview of the past week to start...i'll add details later
Anyways, if you keep up with me you know i went to Purdue
friday and met up with Brian, then went to Chicago for the
next 4 days after that. So here is a synopsis of activities
and events:
Got to PU around 1pm, watched TLC WAY too much, Brian
arrives, we watch a bit more TV and then go play some
Tetris, Kristin comes back home and we go out to Applebees
for late night eats, come home and sleep

Wake up around 10am, go out to breakfast and then Brian
makes me drive from PU to Chicago, went and
selected/purchased wedding bands! went to his apt and
dropped stuff off, registered at Sears, back to b's apt for
frozen pizza dinner, try to find me a place to stay and no
one answers their phones, make a 1/2 batch of no-bake
cookies, fall asleep, get ahold of Gina finally at 11:30,
go to bed at her place around 1am.

Wake up at about 7-7:30am, get dressed, go to Brian's for
cinnamon roll breakfast, church, eat out at Bar Louie's for
lunch, go to the grocery store, back home, clean and cook
for guests, guests arrive quite late, eat dinner and talk,
people go home, clean up, relax, go to Gina's and sleep

Wake up around 7am, get dressed and collect needed items
for the day. Drive Brian to work and then back to his apt
to prepare for my interview at Swedish Covenant Hospital at
10am, great interview and get the position, minus some
paper work. Go visit brian at work, go back to his apt, fix
and eat lunch, rest briefly, Brian goes back to work, i
clean up and cook a double batch of no-bakes for him to
take to work tuesday and a round of double-chocolate
muffins, clean his apt a bit, Brian comes home as i'm
napping, we go to Criag and Elizabeths, dinner and cards,
home and sleep

Sleep in til about 9:30, wake up, pack up, go to Brian's,
cook lunch, dress for interview at RUSH Hospital, eat, take
brian back to work and drop cookies off, go to interview
(they only had THREE treadmills for cardiac rehab!?!), pick
brian up from work about 2pm..all the cookies are gone,
back to his apt, clean and pack some more, drive back to
Purdue, part ways, drive home...

I had fun :o) God bless!