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2003-10-10 02:59:28 (UTC)

I'm sorry if that scares you, sorry that you're stuck....

and i'm sorry that i lied to you
when i said that i would never give you up..

awww she just left=) it was only like an hour but it was
so good to see her and oh my god i love her hair why didnt
she ever do that when i told her to!! i knew it would be
perfect. shes mad cus i wouldnt let her bite my ass lol
shes such a dork=)

so i guess we're guna go up to gainesville tomorrow
night... asshole will be mad again but who cares. alli's
throwing a big party in our honor on saturday night after
the conference and drag show. so we'll go up tomorrow when
tammy gets out of her night class and have a chill night
before all the endless masses of people i cant stand start
pouring in..

i hope i do okay with it... first, being in my old house
with my kitties and stuf, i hope i dont miss it too much,
then alli, i love her to death, but she can really rub me
the wrong way sometimes... then theres the minor point that
tammy and sebastien are both really energetic people that
might wear me out... tammy's like "YAY GIRL we're guna
BOND!" shes weird. really cool but weird. oh well i plan
to have fun. work on my fucking social skills lol.

that stupid bitch gave me a C on my last paper... how is
ANYONE else in that class not FAILING if -i- got a C??
those kids are fucking stupid. only because it wasnt long
enough. fuck her.

theres not enough hours in a day.. i need to go to bed.
but people keep calling me.

well I'm trying to put it all back into place
the way things were before, before I started the race
oh the way I used to look, and the way I used to laugh
and the way I used to carry myself weightless on my back

but you just want the middle ground, the easy walk we took
and you would never think to take a second look

oh and so it's fear that keeps you
well it keeps you all locked in
you see no way out and I see no way in

and I'll do anything for you
just give me one more chance
give me one more try
I promise I won't kill you
and I promise I won't lie

dont say goodbye....

there are things i would like to say but
shouldnt there are things i would love to tell but cant
because there are thoughts that i just shouldnt have but do
and im goin to pay for the things i have done and the
things i will do and im getting to the fed up point that i
just dont care

me too. i love her so much. and thats what counts.

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