you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2003-10-10 02:02:02 (UTC)

far from the tree?

my house is such a sob story it's almost funny. i'm so god
damn tired of trying to hold everything together around
here. my mom is drunk again. grr. its so annoying. you
know, it't not like i'm bashing alcohol. i love to drink,
everyone knows that... its dealing w/ drunks that i can't
stand. and not just drunks, old pathetic winos like my mom.
like, on sunday suzieq was drunk and kind of annoying but i
can deal w/ that... no prob. my mom on the other hand
deneys she has been drinking (no, the alcohol on her
breath, red eyes, and not being able to stand properly
don't give it away...) and is just a menace to everyone.
she just claims she is 'excrusiatingly (sp??) tired' and
nothing else is wrong. ugh it makes me so sick. right now
the whole thing is down right scary. my little bro is in my
moms room trying to sleep while she fucks shit up and
smokes out the bathroom window, and my sister was damn near
hysterical, screaming at her to go to bed. i was just like
her (my sis, not my mum obvioulsy) a few yrs ago. i would
get really upset. now i don't. i don't give a damn. i would
rather just chill in my room and listen to music because i
end up w/ a lot less battle wounds that way (physical and
psycological) but i can't right now because 1) my bro is
trying to sleep and 2) i have to keep things cool between
mom and sis. i still have homework to do but i'm gonna blow
it off i don't feel like doing that now. i'll just wait for
striperella to come on even tho its a rerun.