you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2003-10-09 18:07:16 (UTC)

sugar shoes

KR is comming over on friday. yay! i miss her i never get
to see her it's soooooooo sad but then again when we used
to hang out all the time we would get into fights...or
maybe thats just cause we were kids. damn we fought over
the sillyest stuff. i dont really remember that i just
remember *PrETty PRetTY pRiNceSS* and playing dress up.
hehe i love her garden circle basement. we had so much fun

suzie q and i are straightend out. i expalinted to her on
sunday that i don't want a relationship w/ ANYOne let alone
her so she can do w/e she wants... were both kind of upset
at first (haha $80 wine drunken dikes...) but now were ok.
i talked to alex and i think i'm even more ok now. ok bored
gonna read Jane...