2003-10-09 07:06:23 (UTC)

Well well well I come back. Its..

Well well well

I come back. Its been about a year now and in that time
there has been so much shit happening. I know now that
Jamie was a lying son of a bitch. Everything that he told
me was a lie. Everything. The reason why he didnt answer
his phone was because he was with his ex. He was still
screwing her as well as trying to get with me. I spoke to
his ex a few months back and she told me the full truth.
Everything finally fitted back into place. The spots where
I was trying to find out where he was.. he was with her and
vice versa with her. The lying bastard. I was used,
dumped and used again. At least this time I saw where he
started it. After my last entry he blamed things on me.
Told me that I was to blame for everything that went wrong
in his life and blatantly told me to leave him alone which
I did. Then in January of this year he sent me an email
saying that he was really sorry and that he wants to talk
things through.

We met up at the same place where we met before and started
talking about the things that were wrong. He apologised to
me for all of the crap that he put me through, he told me
that he wanted another shot at things but at least my
senses came back to me. A few days later I got in touch
with his ex via the net and she called me up. We talked
about everything and all of the lies that he had told us
both. She sent me emails and I sent her emails which
verifed everything. He was trying to be a manwhore but he
was a joke. Total Joke.

The next day he sent me an email and I sent him a response
back. Do not contact me. I do not want to know you. You
have hurt not only me but many of your friends. These are
peoples lives your dealing with.. Be careful. Since then
he has only sent me one email which is a hey how you doing
which I have deleted. I dont want to know him.

I went away overeast for a bit of a break from work and
stress and Ive since calmed down a lot. I had a boyfriend
for about 3 months from june but have since cooled things
off and become friends. I dont think a relationship is a
good idea. In fact.. its farked.

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