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2003-10-09 05:08:33 (UTC)

Ooh, exhausting day ...

Though the moon is up, "and you're so beautiful."
But anyway, I got up and went to work. Dimitri felt sick so
he went home and they asked me to stay. Ofcourse I said
yes, and I automatically made up 4 of the 5 hours from
yesterday so that's really great. I was bursting with
energy the whole day, and even more towards the end, but
now that I sat down, slowed down, and ate, I am really
freaking tired. Besides, since I was job searching I only
got like 4 and a half hours of sleep.

So no work tomorrow, just theatre. So I can sleep. I got
both my checks and I figure that if I make the most minimal
expenses I can and T-Moble or Arthur give me back that 100
dollars, then I'll be able to have aproximately 500 dollars
saved up for florida. My dad is still pretending to be
against it, but he'll yield. I may just quit Franksville in
total. Once I go to Germany that might be the last they'll
hear from me. It prabobly will. I'm trying not to think of
Florida like a major obsticle in my career. It's not like
it's a month. ONly 9 days, so a business might find it
aprehendible. If they are open during that time anyway.
Speaking of which, mom said that her friend Agnes told her
about some bank job she could join in downtown, which is so
not the job for her. She still doesn't know english and she
fears downtown. That's more of a me kinda job. So she asked
about it for me, but I doubt it will be the most
unbelievable pay ever. It will definately be better then
what I'm doing now though. Which would be great if it would
just occur, if I just get this hook up, and right after
Germany too.

Other then that I found this job for Xtras. You gotta
register since I'm not union by credit card, and it costs a
refunduble price of 98 dollars or so. One gig gets you all
that cash back, and chicago is a big place for movies so I
think I might just get plenty of opportunities to be an
extra. This I will do after Germany. The lady said you can
get an average of up to 3 or 4 jobs per month, so one a
week is perfect. Especially since one pays about 100
dollars per day, and they might need you for several days.
SOmething I am very willing to take advantage of. But
that's another day. Now I must hit the sack.

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