Pandora's Box
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2003-10-09 00:10:57 (UTC)

tortilla chips granola bar..

tortilla chips
granola bar

Okay, so I'm hungry. Which is the point. I'm getting
ready for a few things. One, this CR Society thing I heard
about, and Ramadan, which I plan on observing this year in
an effort to try to understand a tiny bit about another
religion. It should be an interesting exercise in will
power (but I successfully gave up meat for Lent last year
and I'm not Catholic, so why not?). Also, I think it would
be good for me to re-train my body to have a different
concept of "full." Since "full" is relative anyway,
there's no reason I can't diminish what it currently
considers "full" down to virtually nothing, so I can walk
around "full" all day long. I used to do this in high
school, I figure I'll just go back to old habits. I
probably won't get into Columbia, I might as well control

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