2003-10-08 23:21:05 (UTC)

just a day, just an ordinary day, just trying to get by,

just a boy, just an ordinary boy...

so danielle invited me to halloween horror nights... but
its her and richard(her boyfriend), and she asked me and
matt (from work)... so i dont think i will go...

this is bothering me. matt's always in and out of our
room, but he was in all day today.. hes really nice, dorky,
tattooed... maybe im way off here, but i think he likes me
or something. he took his lunch 35 minutes late, because
i was still working and he just sat there and talked to me,
and a lot of things he said, i was like, why is he telling
me this.. like how hes shy with girls and he dated a girl
named adrienne before and he wishes he had a girlfriend
blah blah blah.... and i dont know if we have everything in
common or if he was just agreeing with everything i said.
that bothers me in a person. like he's all "where are you
from" and im like sarasota, "oh i lived there for 8
years"... i was talking about how i moved to gainesville
this summer, "Oh i was there all summer" how im going to
see my cats this weekend, "oh i love cats i have 8
cats" "do you go out?" "no not at all", me either, "i
dont like people", me either...

he sorta reminds me of richard, in a dumb, sweet way. not a
guy-guy. old -haha- 26 i think. yeah hes cool but im more
worried about it than anything because i dont want him to
like me.. i dont have time for that. i even said something
like i dont have time to do much going out right now..

so i dont know if i'll go... i havent played the
"boyfriend" card yet, because i dont like to think of .him.
that way. maybe i should mention it somehow. i really
want to go and dickface wont go with me, but.. it would be
weird, they're a couple and the scary clingy thing, i dont
know im weird and i dont think so. plus, theyre goin on
dickface's birthday, that would be pretty shitty i guess.

ANYWAY.. he also said that once i start working with him,
(which is what i was hired for, to be his assistant, not
danielles,) i could work more hours.. so YAY, i can leave
this dumb job.

i have to write my paper, fix shitheads paper, clean stuf,
fix my bag.. and then try again with the going to bed early