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2003-10-08 21:58:05 (UTC)

better diary site (sitDiary)

wow i havent written in here since last december... lol ive
had a few very active diarys... with hundreds of entrys and

but my most recent one ive had 4 only a month and have 200

im pretty sure im settled at that one now.

welp im still with bryan... it'll be a year next month

i never think about ryan anymore. why bother?

ive matured a lot since ive written in this, so much has
happened in my life

so much has effected me and changed me

well im sry i left like i did.

i just sorta got busy then 4got about the diary...

welp heres the link 2 my other one


its totally free if u guys would liek to join as well.

and so is blury.com

i have like 5 journals at blurty... blurtys more like live

but sitDiary is more like ur own creation... own pics own
style... ya know how that goes... well be suure 2 go check
out my real diary and leave me some comments :)