How did I even get this far...?
2003-10-08 16:49:40 (UTC)

3 Months :)

Hey there, journal.
So how about that yesterday Tiffany and I celebrated 3
months of being together. I have never had a relationship
that felt so good after this amount of time. I'm so
happy. We went to the Salvation Army super store thingy,
and then I took her out to dinner at the Sesame Inn at
Station Square. After that we just kind of dicked
around...but we had fun none the less. What else is going
on....let's see here. School is almost done for the
quarter, and it'll feel so good to go back with a clean
slate and take another stab at this thing. Work is fine,
but it is taking up a lot of my time. Working 20 hours a
week is fine, but it really starts to take a toll on me
when it is every weeknight like it has been. I need some
time to chill and get everything back in order. That's ok
though...because in just over a week, I'll be going to
Florida. I'm pretty excited. It'll be great getting away
from Pittsburgh for a while. The daily grind is starting
to run me into the ground. I'll be going with my family,
so it won't be as amazing as it should be... but it'll be
fun nonetheless. I'm going to miss everyone here, and
it'll be nice to come back and hang out with the guys
again and see Tiffany. Thats about it for now... not too
much going on lately, just trying to get by. I'm out for