2003-10-08 09:17:42 (UTC)

Kinda Inspired...

So I think. Since it's 2 in the morning, I'm going to work
at franksville tomorrow, but instead I'm online researching
jobs online. Careers, not jobs, at career Tim
told me it's the best place to find jobs, and ofcourse
being king of trying to find a job, he knew what he was
talking about.

They both got me inspired. Mainly Tim started it yesterday
when we got into a conversation about my life. So
eventually today Chris got a little upset when I told him
I'm rethinking the whole Florida thing. I do wanna go to
Florida, but I am gonna fill out applications out now so I
can get a good enough job to be able to support myself,
hang, afford massage school, bills, and if moving out is at
all possible, that too.

Chris is an inspiration. I look at him and I start thinking
that I could do that if I only tried and wanted to bad
enough. I never think things like that are even
possibilities. Try and you shall recieve, I guess.


I just got a call from Teresa and I didn't hear it. Just
realizing I got a message now, am very upset with myself.
Dude, she called. Wow, yeay, she sounds like Teresa, and I
missed her, cause I was at a Sting concert.
I'll call her back when it's not 3 a.m. Tomorrow prabobly,
right after work and dinner, but before I go hang.

Writing of which, I can't believe what I'm gonna do
tomorrow. Technically today. Instead of hanging and
partying, our little group is gonna study. This is mainly
because Tim being in college and being a bad writer, hating
his English class, had some help from smart school
newspaper editor Chris, and listening Dorothy for his last
assignment, and got a B. Before he was getting D's. Or
atleast one that we've seen. So now Tim has to live up to
the standards. Hence we've now officially created a study
group. Chris is also trying to convince Tim to transfer to
Northwestern, where he wants to go to school, but Tim is
skeptical he'll get in. I'm in the study group to sharpen
my much dulled skills. Besides it should be fun, and
hanging with Chris gets your standards raised which I think
I need. I'll actually need to take such basic classes in
college. Tina said so. I frowned. It saddens me. I didn't
think I'll have to do this stuff ever again.

Oh well. I do enjoy the idea of a study group and Tim &
Chris in the same school. It would be really cool if we'd
all move in together though. I think I'll go now.

Guess what, the computer got another virus which I deleted,
but it did infect 2 main files that can't be cleaned and I
don't know what it means to quaranine them. Eh, I'll do it

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