my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-10-08 00:05:31 (UTC)

im human after all!

ok so get this. um... yes last night, i was up till like
12:30 cleaning the family room(which i am so proud of it
looks great) and so of course naturally i was listening to
music, and lifehouse happened to be on the mixed cd that i
was listening to, and the song spin came on and it made me
miss casey! isn't that crazy? it was "our song". i wish i
hadn't thought about it tho bcuz then i started thinking
about him. every once in a while, i'll start missing him
and look at the pic's of us and sleep with my "casey" bear.
well the small blue one. i dont know if i know where the
pink one it. and its real big too so its hard to sleep
with. so any way tonight dads gf and her daughter came over
for supper(it feels so weird saying that). it was cool i
guess. they're still here, dad and virginia(thats her name)
are watching a movie and liz and sharron(her kid) are doing
they're homework. so im up here. i was gonna write in some
of my storys, and i just found one i had been writing for
nicole(one of my best friends for like 8 years but i havent
talked to her in a long time) a year or more ago. we were
gonna write each other storys. i asked her if she was still
writing mine(like a year ago.) and she said she'd forgotten
lol. she probably wont ever. too bad she's got a great
imagination, she's great at rp too. and drawing, i would
have loved her to make me a comic book or something. any
way im gonna go find the storys im looking for on disks
okok bye.

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