Cosmic Rain
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2003-10-07 23:45:03 (UTC)

Year of the Octopus

This year is like an octopus. Each event a tentacle. And if
that is correct, which of course it's not, because you just
can't simply philosophise a year with an octopus and all
it's tentacles into events, but lets say if it was true. If
I could do that and it was plausible, that would leave me 3
more events for the year.

Good or Bad?

GOOD!!!! Leaves me three good ones. Three good events left.
Not that there hasn't been good events this year. But they
are smaller. They haven't been like births, deaths or
accident style events. They've been the smaller events that
just make up all the rest of the year. They aren't part of
the octopus.

I could have used a spider in this silly lil philosophy.
For it has eight legs, but I hate spiders. Not that
octopus's are just as appealing. I've eaten octopus squiddy
things. Neven eaten a spider...intentionally. Unless I
choose to believe you eat so many spiders in your sleep in
your lifetime. Which might very well be indeed true. I just
don't see how you never ever know it. You'd think at least
one of the times you'd wake up with the tickling sensation
upon your face or lips. Those 8 lil legs just teasing the
very tips of hair follicules, whilst climbing into your
open mouth. I'm sure my mouth is hardly open in sleep. Well
it does, but it's not totally the whole night through. So
the spider must always be in the right spot at the right
moment to sneak in and be eaten. I think if I was a spider
I'd be more inclined to head up the nose, because it's more
cave like. So if anyone remembers eating a spider at all in
their lives whilst being in bed I'd love to hear about
it..I'd be more inclined to believe it if they said
mosquitos. Those nasty buggers have a habit in summer of
buzzing about your head at night. Always when you're trying
to sleep, as you do naturally when you go to bed. But I
must say that hasn't happened to me in years. So I don't
think I've eaten any mosquitos of recent. But now that I've
said that..

So this year is the year of the octopus for me. But if I
get no GOOD 3 events for the rest of the year I'll quite
happily to forget I even come up with the stupid idea and
move right along. :)

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