listen to my silences
2003-10-07 17:53:20 (UTC)

still not here

i'm so completely worn out. completely entirely worn out.
i just don't know what to do anymore. with myself, with

something good happened today. that's all i can say.

ri still hasn't talked to me. jamie and i talked and we're
great. but ri as a whole hasn't talked to me. it's so
frustrating with everything else that's going on in my
life. but that's not in my hands either, along with
everything else. i told jamie that i'll go over to
cosper's the night before they leave and sleep on the porch
so that they'll have to talk to me. i don't want things
left like this. i wish they'd just listen to what she's
been writing and take it to heart; apply it to their
lives. am i asking too much?

final thought: the number one question is how could you
ignore it...