Mark Gittner

Gay Guy juggles his life struggles.
2003-10-07 15:47:31 (UTC)

Where in the HELL is BUXTON!!!???

Now, my life update.

I got my college transcript and was short credits, so the
sub teaching is out. As far as I know I am still teaching
drama in January, but no sub teaching right now.

I just had an interview for assistant manager at a Software
etc, and I think there is a good chance to get hired.

Both my roomies are working finally, and the money is
starting to finally catch up. I just made my last payment
to my Lawyer on my bankruptcy, and I am almost caught up on
my current bills. I need insurance on my car again, cause
it lapsed last month, but I'm working on it.

I picked up the Will and Grace season one DVD box set...

Jason (my ex) came to visit me the other weekend, and we
had a blast. He is off the drugs and seemed more normal
EVEN GAINED WEIGHT!! Much fun was had by all.

I have me two REALLY cool guys out here. Josh is 21 and
just a lot like me. He's very cute, and we can talk about
anything non-stop it seems. We seem to be hitting it off
well, and we are going to see Underworld at the Beacon
Theatre wednesday. I don't know if it is supposed to be a
date or not, but he asked me and not my roomate, who he met
first, and is supposed to be his friend. So I guess it's
just me and him... ;)

The other guy is David. He is what I'm REALLY looking for.
24, quiet, not into the scene, no drugs ever! Love Sarah
and reads! He's got curly hair and these BROAD shoulders,
and a dreamy smile. He's also friends with Josh, so I'm not
sure what to do. If I see Josh, does that make david off
limits? I just want to date right now. NOT a relationship.
Sigh, advice anyone???

Other than that, not much is going on. My first party was a
success. Work is fine. I bought a new sweater. I"M
GOOD. :)

Lotsa Love out there to all of you. I hope that things get
better each and every day for you all. I know there are
tough times going on for some of you, and since I can't
necessarily write you directly, know I do think of you, and
wish I could be there for you.