Steva's Life
2003-10-07 12:50:41 (UTC)

Poems 2

Hey guys,
Just adding more of poems that i've written to this site,
Also, One of my poes is being published in the book "The
best poems and poets of 2003" i'm very excited the poem is
as follow's!

*To Hate One*

Do i just sit on this Earth
So people have someone to hate
Do i matter to the world
Am I anything to anyone?
Do i just sit here alone
Will i just sit here being alone
For the rest of my life?
Well if that's so...

I'm also in the works of releasing a Book, So Look forward
to that ;-) lol.

3 more poems that i've written this week :-D

"The Love of my life"

To have a love
Walk in to your life
Make you happy
Make you laugh
Make you excited
Tell you he loves you
Then decided to take a turn
And walks away
Never to return
You've hurt me
You've saddened me
I shall never love again
I will always love you
You mean to much to me


"I miss you"

I miss you
You've run off
Why have you run off?
I miss you
I wish that you would
Come back to me
To love me again
To make me laugh again
To be part of my life again
I miss you
I love you
I want you in my life
for the rest of my life
I miss you


*Forever And A Day*
Does it matter to the world
If i live or die, If i stay or go
Would anyone notice
The world is such a cruel place
I never thought that someone
Could hurt another person as much
As they have shown me in the last day
I don't Deserve to be Killed
But you've Killed my chances of me living
A good life,
A life that could have been lived
To have loved a special person
To have cared about the ones you love
But you took that chance away from me
You just Took my heart out and threw it away
With the Daily Garbage
Well i found out what i do mean to the world
So I'm going to take my lonely self
And leave, For good
Good-bye forever, Forever and a day.

*The Special Boy*

There is a special person
That i found
He's here now
He's the Kindest
Gentlest thing
I've found in a long time
He's so kind and adorable
He treats me like a person
Not a piece of trash like the rest
Of the world has been treating me
I love you
You are so nice to me
Lets pack up and leave
And go away from the people
That hate us so much.
Because I love you.
And never want to leave your side.

That's all i have so far but chcek for updates :-D yey :-D


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