2003-10-07 01:29:02 (UTC)

just keep on using me until you use me up..

im so fucking tired i could just die. its cus i went so
late to bed last night. i was falling asleep at the
keyboard but i just wanted to talk to her.

i was looking at all these old pictures from the digital
camera. of the kitties. and me and claudia in december
01. a couple of caroline. its weird.

im guna see my kitties saturday.. =( and my house. i kinda
feel like i shouldnt go. but i really am excited about the
conference. and i told tammy i would.. and alli called the
other day and she was like "I'm so excited that you're
coming blahblahblah.." it'll be weird though.

i was guna go to the doctor tomorrow... but mike asked me
to come in since i dont have class, so im going to. today
was so great, we're doing 7 foot G's for the galleria mall,
and they're in GLITTER-vinyl, "frosted" it's called but its
like solid glitter i LOVE this project. i love working
with this stuf i just want to wrap myself in it. fuck the
doctor haha he wont help me anyway.

i kinda wish richards little brother would stop talking to
me. i hate to sound mean about it. but its weird cus he
sounds just like him sometimes and its like whoa.. i think
they broke up? i dont know for sure. i hope he's okay if
they did..

amanda was all "call me." yeah okay. like i have time for
THAT nonsense right now. shes hot but im bored of it now.

i need a shower. but im so tired. im guna lay down. until
she comes online if she does.. then maybe i'll get up and
write my paper and take a shower. or not haha. i dont
even care im so tired.