2003-10-06 23:46:30 (UTC)

I really don't know what to write.

I'm just doing this cause I want to talk to someone I
guess. I should call Teresa but I'm worried I will catch
her in a bad time. Like when she's holding her baby or when
she's very weak. Maybe she won't answer at all. I have alot
of feelings stirring in me, and I don't know what to do
about them. Germany, Florida, theatre, massage, video,
directing, guys, freedom, future, Money, and the lack there

I'm kinda lost... again.

Just got a phone call. Gonna go out. With TDC again. Steph
is in, so cool. I need some cash though. I'm not asking the
parents for it, but I am gonna go to the bank before 8 and
withdraw some cash. I only have like 18 dollars. I think
I'll take out 15. I get paid in two days any way, and I
didn't get paid last week, so it will catch up. I gotta buy
some stuff for myself though. Like clipies for my head, and
stuff for Germany pherhaps. All my freestreet cash is being
saved by the company for when we go to Europe. They'll give
it to us then. I wanna buy my friends something from there.
I've been asking them. It's a little more expensive but it
will do. Well I really gotta get ready. Ciao