Montana bound
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2003-10-06 23:10:07 (UTC)


Well, today has turned out wonderful so far. I went duck
hunting with Blake this morning. He got three birds, I
didn't get a damn thing. Well, no, I shot a decoy someone
had left out on the pond, but whoopty shit.

Then I was supposed to hang out with Jessica today. She
got home from school and did the stuff she was supposed to
or whatever, but while we were talking trying to figure
out what we would do, her friend Jared called and said he
has "girl problems" and asked if she would help with
them. So, our plans fell through.

I don't blame her, he is her friend, and I think it's
great of her to help him on such short notice. I suppose
I really don't have a reason to be unhappy about it, but I

Then, as I was leaving to Andy's house, Macklin started
giving me shit about my efforts to find a job. I'm really
starting to get tired of that. I AM looking for a job,
damn it! I've been looking for fucking MONTHS!!! It's
not MY fault that not a damn place in the entire fucking
city is hiring! Until they go out and look for
themselves, restricting themselves to Tooele city only,
with no car, and no diploma, they've got no fucking room
to talk! I'm trying, God damn it! NOW GET THE HELL OFF

Anyway, now I'm at Andy's house, and trying to calm down.
Hopefully the day will improve from here. I really don't
see how it can get much worse.

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