2003-10-06 06:24:34 (UTC)

Don't have much to say...

Except I'm having a blast. I'm out of the house constantly.
Either for work or fun I go out and do something till late
late night. I only come home to sleep, eat, shower, and
change clothes. I love this. I wish there could be some
place where I could leave all my stuff, where it could be
safe, and private. Then I would be able to come back there,
sleep on the warm floor, and have a private bathroom where
I can shit, shower, and brush my teeth. I'd be able to pay
for it. It wouldn't be 500 dollars, or this where I keep
getting bitched at for coming home at4 in the morning.

I actually got to the point where I think I got too much
sleep, since I've been sleeping so little lately hanging
with TDC all the time. Speaking of which, Chris got 6
tickets to a free STING concert in Grand Park, so I asked
for a day off on Tuesday. Luckily Gladys could cover for
me. So good. yeay. I'm not a big Sting fan but I love a
concert, and I love being with my friends.

Speaking of which, I miss Teresa so freaking bad. I miss
her with all my heart. She prabobly has a big bald boy in
her arms right now who would call her mommy if he could
only speak. I love that girl so.

I do feel a little guilty though. I feel kinda like I'm
using Chris. He is the perfect gentleman. He opens doors
for you, helps you to your seat, tries to pay for you, he
dresses too well, he has manners, he's religious, he's
safe, he doesn't drink or smoke, e.t.c... So if I'm to hang
with him and the gang and he is to pick me up from
someplace, I want to make it a bit public. Ofcourse I don't
go out of my way to do this. You know, just a little laugh
or smile here and there. Give him a hug to make it seem
like, that's right I'm with him when it's not like that at

I felt like a million bucks when he picked me up from
theatre and he was parked right next to Alicia and Robert.
They were the only ones that saw his car. Also today when
he picked me up from work to hang I was a little too glad
he parked right infront of the drive thru, and that he
opened the door for me. He saw Victor. I think he laughed.
Come to think of it I hope he saw Victor and not ALex.
Cause if that did happen it would really explain why he was

And later tonight I figure he's spoiling me so I did not
let him open any more doors, and that part was easy since
we were in a big group, but he pulled up a chair for me and
i just took the one next to it, and he was upset
afterwards. He ofcourse never says why he gets upset, so I
have nothing to do but think it's my fault, which it
prabobly was. Come to think of it, I should have just sat
down. I mean he is paying for the meal, maybe I made it
seem like I'm just hanging him because he'll pay. God I
hope not. Cause that's a swell guy. I need to start
treating him better. I need more cash so I can hang with
them all the time and pay for myself.


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