would the world stop spinning
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2003-10-06 04:31:16 (UTC)

well that was fast...

i've recently started hanging out with aften again...
i think it's wonderful..she deffinately till hold huge bits
of my life and my heart till the day i die...
well caela obviously didn't like that i've been seeing her
as much or whatever and got scared that i was going to get
back with she called me tonight and told me no
matter what we couldn't get back together b/c she couldn't
handle the way things are... yell well fuck off with
that... i'm scared about things too,but i don't leave her
everytime something happens that scares me... well i guess
we weren't really together for her to leave me,but ya know
her saying we couldn't ever be together again... iguess i'm
just pissed off for the princple of the thing... i feel
like she sees it as being ok for her to be scared and not
me... why should i hold trust that she would get back with
me and not leave me before she LEAVES IN MAY anyway....
she used something totally outta the sky as an excuse....
she's got no right to bring aften into this as a reason for
anyway... i hadda card for her that i can't give her
anymore...i can't see her period for a while. i hate that!
ahhh well i don't know where i stand on alot of things or
which way i'm facing as i'm walking through life...
i know that i'm angry about alot of things right now and
extreamly mad and pretty hurt by things caela said....
i don't know where i'm going to be in a month,but i know
that my life has gotta start calming down or i'm going to
have to get back on my meds and i don't want that at all...
i'm so so so happy off of them.
i've changed alot of things in my life over the past few
months,b/c i'm done with kiddy bullshit...i don't need to
go get fucked up and stupid every other night anymore..
i don't need to get upset over crappy lil meaningless
things. all i want is the people close to me to be honest
with me about things,and i'd appreciate people knoowing
what the fuck they want...outta life,outta me!!!!!

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