Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-10-06 04:09:01 (UTC)

4 days and counting

soon i shall be counting tears and days till I come back

I will miss my girlfriend whom I love and my mommy, daddy,
sis, new niece, brothers and my sister in-laws, my friends,
and just the ATL.

I know I am scared but I know that I have to make this step
to be able to live with myself. I also know I will come
back to the south that i love. What I do not know is how
long it will take, or if this is worth the outcome, or
really mainly what my future holds. I am just putting God
in Charge and closing my eyes and taking a step.

yes, and tomorrow is none other than Radiohead day. I am so
excited and Supergrass is playing too which I am almost,
but not even close to being as excited about. Yeah Ryan got
me a Radiohead magazine which I can't seem to put down.

Tuesday is finishing recording and Thursday night late is
80's night. and yeah I guess to talk about my weekend it
was great

Friday: Had our party and it went down great no party
fouls, just tons of friends and a little of a haunted
house...some sad and some too happy
Saturday:work, and then massages and TV
Sunday: Family get together where I get to see them all
before I leave which is kinda sad. I am suprised though
that I saw no crying. My mom's only concern was "no more
tattoos" and yeah I got a new computer, a printer, and a
scanner. Can someone say *score*? ok well now i must go
only to talk to you soon
much sleep and love,
book: Radiohead Q magazine and Namedropper(both real good)
cd: The Bens Ep (awesome/weird/too short)
movie:love liza (slice my wrists)