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2003-10-06 03:48:51 (UTC)

if i told you i loved you, would you take it the wrong way.

im so fucking tired... i did a lot today though, so i feel
good about that... its a new week again. but this week
she's here.

she didnt have fun she says. i thought id be happier to
hear that.. in my selfish way. but its kinda sad. well shes
home now. and david and her other friend still dont like
the bitch. good. good.

i tinted my car, got my hair cut, did ALL my laundry AND
hung it up and organized it, cleaned... yeah. the girl
that cut my hair kicked ass. it was a nice time. we had a
good talk and she made my hair feel soft again.

hm. i get in this tired mood, where im so tired and i know
i have so much to do that i think everything is going to
work out.. its a stupid idea because it most likely isnt.

i found all these pictures on my dads computer from the
digital camera.. old ones. lots of me and my mom. and
other things that made me think how fast time passes me by.

amanda gave me her number. shes hot. but thats weird. i
dont know if i will call her really.

i need to wake up in 5 and a half hours. damn it.

its good talking to her too. but i wish she was here. and
i get so angry. where i could just scream.

everything, every moment, every feeling just becomes a
memory. thats so sad.

i. am so sad.

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