my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-10-06 03:22:28 (UTC)

a new one. been a while hasnt it.

so yea. i haven't written in a while. todya is sunday oct
5th 2003. yes. so im not getting on aim(or chatting on
aol/cs) for at least 2 weeks. i started last wednesday, the
first of october. i thought i needed to sort my prioritys
out. i need to read my bible more(though i havent yet, i
need to find it.) and i need to focus on more important
things than chatting(even tho i love kenny, and he mostly
the only person i constantly talk to online.) so yea. and i
was gonna fast wed evening throuhg friday afternoon, but
get this. i was fine and all untill 5:50 thursday morning,
when i woke up feeling so nasty. i felt like i was gonna
barf, right so i went inthe bathroom and sat there in front
of the toilet(gross, and graphic i know.) for abou t10 or
15 minutes. then i went in my room and grabbed my blanket
and went downstairs and got some raseberry soda and layed
on the couch. i ended up throwing up(the *first* time.) at
6:33. i threw up a lot. it was gross. i ended up (totally
for the whole 15 hours i threw up) throwing up 18 times.
disgusting. i was/am so dehydrated. i am so sore still, its
so hard to sleep, my stomache feels so stretched. its
uncomfortable to sit and lay man. i still can't eat
properly. i haven't eaten more than 2 meals a day yet.
today was my first day eating 2 meals, and they were small
porportioned. for lunch i had a sandwhich and supper i had
some stuffing and half a piece of fish. still feel gross...
everytime i drank something, within half an hour(or an hour
depending) i threw it up. i hate being sick. ugh. i lost
like. 7 pounds too which is really sad. and unhealthy.
thats not any way i want to lose weight. i want to lose fat
and gain muscle, which would make me gain weight so. yea.
any way i think im gonna go or something. my arm hurts. and
im sleepy. i think that may be a side effect of dehydration
or somehting lol. so yea. ill write more later, beccas due
in less than 2 weeks yay!! bye