Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-10-05 19:47:32 (UTC)

Octoberfest 2003

So today i woke up at 8am after goin to bed at 4 cuz i
kept having this reoccuring dream that i was late...anyway
it was raining here so i called to make sure they were
still havin it which they i drove bak in the rain
which stopped in then i went to applegates
and i saw all my peeps lol..Mr abram really missed me and
i saw pam and joe and everyone then pete and
chrisitne showed up and I was sooo tired it was just me and chrisitne tried making popcorn which she
eventually got the hang of..and i was asked nicely to make
caramel apples cuz i make the best lol so i had to wait
around for an hour for it to warm up but its ok..cuz pete
had to work in the bar so we kept like foolin around had
the radio going and throwing stuff at each other..we
enjoed then i made the apples which were
perfect lol and in between helped peter on the window and
wandered around and who happens to show up but to the world and she didnt talk to me
really and then she left..or so i then im
still makin apples (i did all day) and she appears again
and just starts then i was done with the apples
and started roamin and i had thought she had left but no
she was still there she was there ALL DAY...kate showed up
later on and was talkin to her but i tried to avoid her then i was upset cuz peter was supposed to bring
me my soco but he didnt but thats ok cuz im goin to a
party at his house in AC in 2 weekends and were gonna
chill supposedly at the homecoming ya all in all
it was a fun day..craig was the rooster which was
hilarious cuz he also had to clean the potapotty cuz
someone had diariah all over the floor..ewwwwww...and all
i had to do to clean up was put the water in the trailer
and stuff..cuz i was too short to help take the tents
down..joe and krysten showed up later and i think hes mad
at me now cuz i didnt give him a hug goodbye...if he
wnated one he coulda hugged me ya then i went bak
to school and we went to this acapella thingy which was
REALLY good and the guy that beatboxxed came over by me
after and hes like there u are and i was like what lol cuz
there was a mirror i was lookin in to see them cuz we were
on the side and he said he was lookin at me in the mirror
too lol..and then we stayed for a lil of bingo and erin
and barb came..then we went to dinner at like peppies or
something..really good italian restaurant..then today went
to brunch and then walmart and now doing laundry