Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
2003-10-05 19:37:25 (UTC)

NYC the place to be

So on friday me cheryl chrisitne and kelly went to NYC to
see the phantom of the opera..we had to pass through
clifton on 46 on the way there and i got to
mom was supposed to drive up the next day wit my car for
applegates and then she was gonna sit here til my dad got
here at like newayz we went all over the city and
we hung with this girl Melissa..i didnt kno at first that
she was the crazy melissa that lauren and all them met at
a party...lauren told her her name was tonya lol and
cheryl forgot and said it was newayz we went to
like stores and stuff and Melissa was just kiddin around
at first but she freaked me out cuz she was like who wants
to hold my hand and pretend were lesbians lol..umm
then we saw the show and it was reaaallly good..i really
enjoyed it and so during the show we called our mom and
asked what time the last bus was bak to clifton from port
authority..she said 1100 and that we wouldnt make it since
the show got out at 1035..but we were spontaneous and we
attemted newayz..we told the ppl in charge of the bus that
we were goin to port authority and then we sprinted like 3
blocks and wound up going in the wrong then we
got to the terminal and the guys like ohh it left at 1040
and the next ones at cheryl and kelly went to get
tickets and the guys like theres another one at 11 that
will drop u off at route 3 so we tried to call them to
tell them not to get the tickets but it was too
my parents got SOOOO mad and i was so confused cuz we were
tryin to help them but in the end they were fine cuz they
originally thought we were by we were sittin
waiting for the bus when all of a sudden this guy passed
by and i was like OMG it was brian kennedy and i yelled
brian and hes like OMG are u going to clifton and we said
yes and hes like OMG im soo lost ur my lifesavers
he went and bought a ticket and came bak and we were
talkin..and he looks REALLY ya we talked and
he was there for this band MY chemical romance..cuz he
like manages them or we got bak to clifton
by 12 which was pretty good and we excanged sn's and then
we got home changed and jumped into our car to drive up to
ESU..we sang and listened to blink the whole way bak and
it was we got bak at like 2am and then i had to go
to sleep to get up the next morning...continued in next