All That I Am
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2003-10-05 01:29:16 (UTC)

The Day The Clouds Moved

It was a dank and dreary day in New Jersey when I noticed
the clouds moving. I was gazing longily toward the autumn
sky for a means of escape. Jersey life proved to be
surprisingly adventurous but certain parties made my
existence there unbearable. So, like all creatures in
times of need and grief, I turned toward the sky for
answers. Perhaps it was my desperation that scared them
away but surely as a summer's breeze, the clouds began to
flee. I sat and stared in bewilderment. At first they
shifted slowly but gradually gained speed once they
realized I'd caught on. Then it all appeared as a blur.
The heavens were spinning in a craze. Frantically trying
to pull itself away from me. I tried in vain to hold the
skies to my will. I wanted them to feel my pain and to
somehow understand. I wanted them to take me away. But
heaven would have no part of my sorrow. Truthfully, the
space above us cares little of earthly matters. I suspect
it would detach itself from the world entirely if it
could. And so I remained in New Jersey and gave up
planning my personal exodus. Instead I hardened every part
of my being. First it began with my appendages, they
proved the eastiest. My heart naturally put up more of a
struggle but I was always a more cerebral creature.
Emotions came out easily but they always first sought
approval from the mind. And that was that...for now.