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2003-10-04 16:48:10 (UTC)

Mmm fresh meat! - a perspective on infidelity

Everyone is always wondering and asking, "Why are divorce
rates so high? Why do so many people practise infidelity
with their spouse or mate? Why is there are weekly fox
television program called "Cheaters" that is in fact aimed
at uncovering the scandelous behavious of these unfaithful
characters? Why? Why? Why?"

I think I have the answer.
Capitalism. Hear me out...

Yes, it seems that the days are gone when Billy and Bonnie
could withstand the temptations offered through the 'we
always want what we can't have' cliche, or 'shouldn't have'
to put it more accurately. So how does the economic
system under which we are governed correlate to the
increasing anti-faithfulness trend that is frighteningly
common these days? See Below.

Capitialits are in the game of vying for the greatest
profit margins possible. It is the main goal of the
capitalist. They stop at nothing, not even the risking of
the lives of those who work for them to achieve higher
revenues. They are addicted to money.

And how do Capitalists make money? Well, besides screwing
over workers, nationally and especially abroad, they mass
produce butt fuck amounts of by in large useless products
and then, utilizing the mass media and various other means,
they keep throwing these products in your face...

The NEW 2004 Ford F150, now available! The NEW winter
collection at the GAP. Cleans better than the other leading
brands. Act now and recieve a brand NEW toaster! Tired of
looking at the same old furniture day after day? Well come
to The Brick and you can get some really sylish NEW shit!

We are socialized into actively participating in a never
ending pattern of consume and dispose, consume and

Consume and Dispose.
The link becomes apparent.

The average 2003 relationship can be described with the
following anaolgy. You are you, and your mate is a
chocolate bar. The first bite is so good. Sweet and
wonderful, and you want more. The next few bites satisfy
your craving, you continue, but you are starting to get
tired with the same old milk chocolate taste. And then
you notice it. The carmel filled chocolate bar. Oh! white
chocolate! candy coated, almonds, little bubbles, and even

What is to stop the average person, who is bred to consume
and dispose, to not utilize this same premise in the world
of love and relationships? Capitalism commodifies everying.
We are taught to exploit the commodity and then once its
usefulness to us is no longer appealling, we dump it for
the next best thing. Now, this is not to say everyone falls
into this trap. Human agency still exists in small pockets,
but as the years move on and the capitalist machine does as
well,... I only forsee the trend of abandonded love
ballooning. A sad, but very real proposition.