2003-10-04 01:58:03 (UTC)

sucker for pop culture.

haha. yeah i didnt get a nap. josie and the pussycats was
on!! man i love this movie. and theyre so fucking hot.

today was fun, danielle and i went over to my moms job and
had cake and pizza with her. its funny how shes like my
boss. shes pretty hot. but annoying.

yay the weathers nice. not QUITE cold enough yet. but
nice... i bought 2 new hoodies today!!

i thought i was so cute, i was guna take him to APC for his
birthday.. but he cant get off work. oh well. i dont
really want to be that cute anyway.

i actually have a lot to say. but i'll be back to say it
later. i need a nap.