Self harming dyke
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2003-10-03 20:48:47 (UTC)

Long time again...

Hi there. I have not written for so long...

I started my PGCE (teacher training course) a few weeks ago
and it is really difficult but going well. I have been
chosen to be the representative for the group on a
committee which is nice!

I still cut, but fairly sporadically. I cut my hand really
badly last week and am having to pretend I fell off my bike
cos is so obvious! Oh well!!!

I start my placement in a school next Wednesday. I am
dreading it and looking forward to it, but mainly really
I have a lovely tutor at uni called Christine (French). As
per bloody usual I fancy her!!! Why do I always get like
this about tutors, doctors, nurses etc.? Is painful but
less so now cos I know the routine. I can predict I will
start to have feelings so can then deal with the feelings,
be more realistic about them... Still really like her tho!

Does anyone read my diary? I wonder every time I think to
write it. I know is not very interesting, but would love
any feedback!

Cat x