The Faeries' Revenge
2003-10-03 15:18:45 (UTC)


Responsibility seems be a word that does not exist in the
vocabulary of most of the college students I know, and
certainly a certain co-worker.

Procedure *definately* does not exist in this person's
vocabulary. I'm so sick of people taking last minute time
off and completely ignoring the procedure that says THEY
are supposed to find a replacement unless physically
incapable of doing so. Our instructions very clearly said
to print out the contact list and keep it at home with you
so you can call people.

But NOOOO... I guess it's just easier to call the lab and
tell someone else to assume the responsibility. Heck, I'm
happy (in fact, overjoyed) to get the pay and the hours but
that's not the way it's supposed to be done. Man, if I'm
ever in the "boss" position I will so wail on people's
asses until they get the rules through their lazy ass
irresponsible heads. I mean, everyone makes a mistake
once, or maybe forgets, but when it happens 5 times in a
few weeks it gets beyond the point of ridiculous.

Grr. Okay, rant done. Over and out.

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