Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-10-03 15:02:38 (UTC)

Coffee Shop

So on wednesday I decided that i was going to try to keep
my distance from kelly as long as possible...ya so i went
to class then work then straight to cheryls room where i
told them my plan..then i went to christines to chill for
a lil and braid her hair as then at 6 i went to
dinner finally wit cheryl kier erin lauren barb and katey
i was soo happy i didnt have to eat wit kelly..but its sad
i had to aviod my room all fuckin after i went to
my room to change and stuff cuz we were goin to
kareoke..kelly was tapin fast and furious i went to
cheryls room to go to kareoke while kelly was on the
phone..then i came bak and katey had attempted to rescue
me but i wasnt thtere lol...hahhaha its the thoguth that
counts tho..then we went to went ok in the
beginning we sang ur so vain then lauren sang the shoop
song and me and erin were backup dancers lol...but then we
saw we didnt start the fire and theyre all like oh u kno
the words so i sang it..TOTAL was soooo low
and everyone that started singing sucked but
thats ok there were like 5 ppl there and i knew most of em then yesterday was Duh duh duh duh..CINDYS 18TH
BIRTHDAY....soo i hope she had a good birthday but i dont
think our present got there in time :(...she will get it
tho then yesterday i had to go to see sickels
which took umm 5 seconds and i didint wanna come bak to
the room cuz kelly was here and OMG it was SOOOO
i went to the coffee shop where the kareoke had been the
nite b4 and i was "revisin" my paper til class and this
kid Jack in my next class came in...i dunno his last name
so I decided hes gonna be Jack Sparrow ya he came
over and we were talkin but im not good at talkin but
whatever he spilled his coffee on himself and i felt bad
and all lol and then we walked to class together and then
we sat by JEFF from orientation..ive been talkin to him
more in class but i cant really cuz he doesnt sit by then later on went to lit and this girl Jen is the
like onlee person I talk to and she invited me to the
party at her house..she called it "octoberfest 2003" but
no one wanted to go cuz it was really far away i wanted to
go they were gonna have 5 kegs and 200 jello
shots..yummy..newayz instead at nite me cheryl drea and
christine went to walmart to get some stuff and then we
got ice cream at friendlys and we had to powerwalk bak cuz
drea was late for work..then we chilled in christines and
then i chilled in my room and watched ER..and i talked to
Doug on the phone and that was pretty much it..kelly has
yet to brush her teeth..maybe i should start sayin how it
smells in out room more?..well im out..LatA