Soulful Eyes
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2001-10-09 05:38:24 (UTC)

To those in need in deed

I walked down a road. A long, desolate road. Along the
road were various shops and signs, but no one in sight. I
kept walking. In the distance, I saw a figure. I stopped,
and it stopped. I moved slowly, and it did the same. I
proceeded up to the figure. We met under a street lamp.
My eyes widened. It was me, the real me. I was
disgusted. Dirt and soil covered me. I had bruises and
scars up and down my body. I was horrified at that sight.
I heard myself speak. "Help me, save me". I saw to
options. On one side of the road, I saw a young child. A
boy. Where'd he come from? He stood their, with a solemn
face, stareing with wide blue eyes at me. On the side I
was on, I saw a blade. The blade itself was silver, and
beautiful, and looked like a way out. I reached to the
knife, and I saw me shake. The boy across the street, he
began to tear. Who was he? Soon, my curiosity broke my
reach for the glistening blade, and I stood up, empty
handed. I walked across the street to the kid, where upon
I removed a napkin from my pocket and offered it to him.
He eagerly took the napkin and whiped away his tear. He
smiled at me, a big smile. A smile without a care in the
world. He looked at the other me, the dirty me, and began
to walk to me. He grabbed my hand and brought me to me,
and said "rest in knowing yourself". And that brought us
to me. One person, strong and powerful. The child
disappeared with nothing but a small voice saying "grow in

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