2003-10-03 00:37:22 (UTC)

What should I become?

I keep thinking about what I should become. I don't care
where the big bucks are. I could always become a massage
therapist. Massaging peoples' backs isn't bad, and I like
to do it when I know it makes them feel better. I would
need to take an expensive course though that lasts atleast
half a year for that. I don't even know wheather I should.
Maybe. Just so I can have a safety net when it comes to
those dreams I really wanna follow.

Like acting, directing (maybe,) and ofcourse video design.
Today I was in theatre. I just came back and we're putting
on another piece where we have to create a better video.
One that has a constant idea of what it is like in the
subconscious mind of a teenager. I felt great when I came
out, I still do. So automatically my mind calls to me.
Making me think that maybe this is my true calling. Maybe
not acting or directing. Maybe it's video design. I really
don't know. I wish I could stop thinking of the idea.

I will go to Germany in less then a month, where i will be
surrounded by these professions, and I hope to find my true
calling there. Maybe learn French or German in the mean
while, but prabobly not. Other then that I'm hoping of
going to Florida in December for a road trip with 3
friends. I can't wait for that. It's like each trip is a
way for me to find my calling. Germany for career, and new
passion; Florida for finding myself. Afterwards, it's all
about how to use what I've gained.