Book of the Purple Faerie
2003-10-03 00:21:02 (UTC)

l337 r4n7

(Nikkie's Note: I handwrote this all out in Personal Health
class and let me tell you, after 3 pages of handwriting
l33t, it's really hard to stop!)

175 b33n 4w1l3 51nc3 3y3 r073 4 Dpr3553d 3n7rj 50 3y3 ph33l
ju571ph13d 1n v3n71n6 4 w5rn1n6: d0n7 r33d 1ph U d0n7 w4n7
2 kn0w

7h15 h45 b33n 4 57r355phul w33k 4ph73r 4 phun-ph1ll3d
w33k3nd @ h0m3 v15171n6 t3h ph4m1lj 4nd j03 3y3 c4m3 b4k 2
ph1nd 7h47 J450n h4d n07 r37urn3d phr0m h15 w33k3nd @ h0m3
4ll 5und4j n0 w0rd 4ll m0nd4j n0 s16n un71l 73n PM (4ph73r
7w0 c4llz 2 h15 h0m3 4nd 2 ch13f) wh3n h3 c4m3 2 t3h r00m
4nd w3 l34rn3d 7h47 h3 4nd d4n13ll3 h4d br0k3n 4p4r7 3y3
ph33l 50 h0rr1bl3 4 h1m ph1r57 5h1l0h 7h3n d4n13ll3?! 17
c4m3 0u7 0ph n0 wh3r3 @ l3457 2 m3 175 n07 ph41r h35 b33n
Dpr3553d 4nd 3y3 ph33l 50 h3lpl355 h35 1mpr0v1n6 n0w 4nd
7h3r35 h0p3 4 7h31r r3l4710n5h1p 1n t3h phu7ur3 3y3 ju57
w15h 7h3r3 w45 50m37h1n6 3y3 c0uld du 2 m4k3 h1m 5m1l3 l1k3
h3 u53e 2

5k00l w0rk c0uld B b3773r 3y3 b4r3lj 5kr4p3d bj w17 4 533
0n mj m3730r0l06j 7357 mj 4dv 73k 4nd 5c1 r171n6
45516nm3n75 4ll 607 r33lj l0w 5c0r35 Dsp173 0ur 733ch3r
pr4153d 0ur 45516nm3n7 1n cl455 50 w3 h4v3 2 r3v153 0ur
w0rk wh1ch m34nz m0r3 6r0up w0rk 4nd 3y3 LUV 6r0up w0rk

p00r hch4n 1z 51k; 3y3 w4n7 h3r 2 637 b3773r

4nd 0ur pl4nz 4 73h w33k3nd 607 5h07 2 h3ll 4nd b4ck chr15
ch13f j3r3mj 4nd m1h1m3 w3r3 4ll 5upp053d 2 c0m3 4nd v1517
u5 h0w m4nj R c0m1n6? Z1p n4dd4 z1lch 4 b16 ph47 z3r0 chr15
54jz 17 w0uld B 2 d1ph1cul7 2 637 2 and phr0m 73h 7r41n
574710n ch13f 4nd j3r3mj h4d pr10r 3ng4g3m3n75 4nd m1h1m3
ju57 d03sn7 ph33l l1k3 17; 7h15 Dpr35535 m3 t3h m057 5h35
b33n h4v1n6 7r0ubl3 @ h0m3 l473lj 50 3y3 7h0u6h7 7h47 5h3d
r33lj w4n7 2 c0m3 bu7 5h3 4v01d3d c0n74c7 w17 u5 4ll w33k
7h3n d1dn7 637 0ph 0f w0rk 3y3 ju57 d0n7 und3r574nd

m1h1m3 1z r33lj luckj 5h3 c4n 637 4w4j w17 4v01d1n6 p33pl3
4nd 601n6 w170u7 c0n74c7 4nd y37 w3 4ll 571ll phl0ck 2 h3r
w3 luv h3r 2 much 2 l37 h3r 60 bu7 3y3 w15h 3y3 kn3w h0w 2
m4k3 h3r w4n7 2 B w17 m3 3y3 ph33l l1k3 4 ph41lur3 and 3y3
c4n7 54j 4nj7h1n6 47 4ll Bcuz 1ph 3y3 d1d 5h3d 7urn 17
4r0und 4nd bl4m3 h3r53lph 4nd cl41m 5h3 1zn7 g00d 3n0u6h 4
u5 4nd 7H3N 5h3 w0uldn7 74lk 2 u5 47 4ll 175 n07 ph41r

3y3 bl4m3 mj53lph 3y3 c4n7 m4k3 j450n h4ppj 4641n 3y3 c4n7
637 g00d gr4d35 3y3 c4n7 m4k3 hch4n b3773r 4nd 3y3 c4n7 637
73h 07h3rz 2 B h3r3 3y3 w15h 3y3 c0uld m4k3 mj phr13ndz 4ll
45 h4ppj 45 7h3j D53rv3 bu7 3y3 c4n7 3y3 w15h 3y3 w3r3
5m4r73r mj phr13ndz R n07 3v3rj7h1n6 2 m3 bu7 7h3j R cl053
4nd m4jB 3y3m n07 73h phr13nd 7h3j D53rv3 4nd 7h47 7h0u6h7
k1llz m3 7h3yv3 m4d3 mj l1f3 4 j0j 3y3 w4n7 2 r37urn 73h
ph4v0r m4jB 3h3m 2 53n71m3nt4l bu7 7h3jv3 4lw4yz 4cc3p73d
7h47 4 wh1ch 3y3 4m 6r473phul

50 n02 3y3 d0n7 kn0w w47 2 du 7h15 w33k3nd 3y3 w4n7 2 60
0u7 4nd du 50m37h1n6 phun 4nd xc171n6 n07 517 1n 73h r00m
4nd m0p3 Bcuz pl4nz ph3ll 7hru 4nd 2 61v3 m3 4 r3350n n07 2
du mj h0m3w0rk (cuz 7h3r3 15 n07h1n6 w0r53 7h4n h4v1n6
n071n6 2 du 0n 4 w33k3nd bu7 h0m3w0rk

50 3y3 h0p3 50m37h1ng h4pp3nz 3v3n 1ph 3y3 h4v3 2 60 0u7 0f
73h w4j 2 m4k3 17 h4pp3n un71l 7h3n 3y3m 601n6 2 bl0w 0ph
w04k pl4j 50m3 4rc r33d 50m3 m4n64 w47ch 50m3 4n1m3 m4jB
h17 73h 6ym 3y3 h4v3 ph417h 1n 0ur 6r0up 4nd 0ur
phr13nd5h1p 50m37h1n6 w1ll w0rk 0u7

n0w “n1nj4 366z n00nsem"

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