Kris L.

Demon Cleaner
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2003-10-02 20:57:17 (UTC)

Funny how....tiiii(time)mme, ffflliiiii(flies)eeesssss

That's an old Tears for Fears song. Or at lest how the song

I completely forgot about this thing. The my-diary thing.
I'm no longer at my parents' house writing. They sold that
house and moved to the mountains. I moved out of where I
was in Athens, and moved across town, to another house in
Athens. Directly across the street from the president of
UGA, no-less.

I'm in a band that's all over the radio called Television
Buzz. We have a couple of songs that are getting played in
a town near you. Pretty neat. I'm dating a girl, have been
for over a year. She's great. She's a mechanic who works at
Advance Auto Parts. I work at K*B Toys, home of the G.W.
Bush action figure.

Let's see, what else...we are at war with a couple of
exciting countries full of dark people. That's got to be
enough to make you feel gooey inside, huh? Our president is
insane! Yay!

Plenty more, no time to talk 'bout it. Holla back.

Kris L.
[email protected], where ya been, ya bastard?

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