How did I even get this far...?
2003-10-02 17:27:49 (UTC)

2 Years?!!?!?!

So how about it's been almost two years since I last wrote
in this thing. I'm terribly sorry little journal buddy
for I have neglected you. I suppose that it isn't really
neglect though for I only had two entries in this thing
before I stopped using it. I can explain my absence
though. First of all, I just plain forgot that I had a
journal. Second of all, up until a few months ago, I've
had absolutely no reason to write. Lastly, I just haven't
had the time to worry about a journal. Anyway, I'm sure
that all of my "faithful readers" are just dying to know
what I have been up to as of late. Well, I no longer
attend LaRoche College. I now go to PTI under the study
of "Computer Systems Specialist". Now, I doubt I'll be a
specialist in anything when I get out of there next
October, but it's at least some sort of a degree that is
obtainable in order for me to fall back on and keep
everyone around happy. Another change from the last entry
is that I no longer work at Chuck E. Cheeses. In fact I
quit there shortly after my last entry. I now work for
Best Buy as a media guy. I've been there for over a year
and a half, and so far, so good. The job is easy and they
pay me fairly for what I do. What else, you may ask...
Well, I still smoke and I still need to drop a few
pounds. :( But there is some good news, as I now have
the most amazing wonderful girlfriend. Her name is
Tiffany and for only being with her for 3 months, I've got
good feelings about this one. She's fun and smart and
quite attractive. Everything that I look for in a girl, I
have found. :) I suppose now is the part where I segue
into the the actual journal entry and tell what has
happened today and bla bla bla...but I don't feel like
it. I'm tired and still slightly ill, so I'm out for
now. But fear not, I will most likely continue to update
this thing because it wouldn't be bad to have something to
look back on every once in a while.
Loiter all,