Marco Jacksonovic

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2003-10-02 08:01:39 (UTC)

Tender Is The Day The Demons Go Away

And some of the demons went away. Ideally over the next 3
months I can dispel the rest, or at least most of the rest
of my demons.

I finally have a job. I finally get to earn work
experience, finally get to earn money. Come Monday at 9.30
am, I will be an employee of Norwich Job Centre, on a 3
month contract, and applying to make it a permanent
position. What does this mean? It means my Christmas will
very short. Get over it. It means I MIGHT be able to get
to Southend. It means I MIGHT be able to go to Rufus' 18th
birthday. The latter is less likely, though.

Just another day, though. That's what it was. I have the
job, tomorrow I write the CV for the permanent position
and then Friday I go 10.20, to get the benefit I missed, I
mean earned, by not having a job. Will it carry into next
month? I do hope so.

Anyway, today, I am winner.

WILT? blur - Tender

Oh, and Didi, thanks for your prompt congrats. Means a
lot, man.