you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2003-10-02 03:44:30 (UTC)


shit, i've been so stressed out tonight i can't even think
straight. on top of all my schoolwork my sis is
blasting 'road rules' from up stairs and they keep playing
50 cent and nelly clips. aaah i'm going insane. not only is
it brainwashing to begin with, theres NO TALENT. NONE. NONE
AT ALL. how can people buy into this shit?? ahh, i keep
saying the same stuff over and over i'm gonna die if i keep
this up its like a big circle i've run around it too many
times i'll never be able to stop running.

i've gotta chill. i'm starting to feel sick i'm so worked
up. but really, my mom is a total idiot and my sis is a
teenybopper-phony and a bitch... add them with all this
bizzywork shit they give us in school, i swear if i have to
takes notes on one more page of this christian-related CRAP
i'm gonna burn my book. IF I GAVE A DAMN ABOUT RELIGION I
WOULDN'T BE IN PUBLIC SCHOOL. i just cant fucking take it
im gonna break down and cry soon.

yeah, that right... i've really got it that bad. mmmhm.