2003-10-02 03:04:06 (UTC)

like a drifter i was born to walk alone...

cus i know what it means
to walk along the lonely street of dreams...

blah blah blah. about time for bed... i still love my
graphics job.. the other one is still not too bad... my
face is still fucked up GOD FUCKING DAMN THIS... i know its
not him cus his face hasnt been on mine and i washed my
pillows... fucking. ugh... anyway... im still tired...
same shit new day... i talked to this cute girl today when
i was smoking... i hate professional clothes. cus its
harder to tell lol or maybe thats just me. i was
thinking "well she MIGHT be.." i wish all girls were gay
and there were no boys... lol like that would solve all my
problems... what the fuck am i supposed to get him... our
birthdays are in like 3 weeks... i never have this problem
with him either, usually i have like 5 million really cute
ideas... now, nothing. ANYWAY. man i love my job.. wish i
could do that for more hours and not the other... but the
other is good for other things and they're working pretty
well together right now.. im sticking with it for as long
as i can survive.. i went to bed last night at like 930 or
some shit... i was so tired... right now im too tired to be
upset about anything.. i've been studying for 1 1/2 hours
after cleaning for 2 hours when i got home from a 12 hour
work day. so im going to bed now with my puppy.