enter my train of thought
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2003-10-01 21:30:08 (UTC)

im back

ok so im back, i had to go fold some clothes cause my mom
was being crabby. anyway.

so lets see... what else. haha now that ive said a buttload
has been going on, i cant think of anything to write about.
hmmm. so we are going to school an hour late this week, but
then starting today we go half an hour longer. seems to me
they should have just started that next week. although i do
rather like getting up at 7. so yesterday i went to pams
house after school to use her computer to print out the
history review, and they were definitely cutting up trees
and chucking them around... i was scared for my life. but
yeah and she gave me her hugh grant poster, so that made my

so..... im going to italy. well, hopefully. my parents said
if we can work out the money issue than i can go. haha and
i told that to melillo and he says "you have an uncle who's
rich as god, what are you complaining about?" so of course
that made me laugh. anyway... me and pam in italy. and of
course melillo. its gonna be so awesome. of course, icant
ask for anything ever again from my parents, moneywise. but
hey, its italy. ill probly never have another chance like
this in my life.

hmmm what else. i really love fall. im so glad its here.
not that summer wasnt great and everything, but for some
reason i just especially love fall.

oh haha i kinda wanted to go to the state fair too, and
iwas gonna find someone to go with me.... but...... im
going to italy, so i guess not.

well i cant think of anything else to say right now, and i
have to go write some tok journals, butim sure ill think of
something later.