Montana bound
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2003-10-01 18:30:26 (UTC)

Kiss my ass, Old Man!!!!!


Andy got the news from Dory yesterday that he's been
pre-approved for a loan of up to $70k! Of course, we were
excited, so we immediately went house hunting. As luck
would have it, after doing all the searching and such, the
first house we looked at was the best one we could find.
Anyway, Andy says he'll call Dory and Debbie today to start
pushing the paperwork through, and in 3 or 4 weeks we'll be
able to pack up and move in!

I haven't watered the Old Man's lawn since last week, and I
plan to continue my negligence of this duty indefinitely. I
am never watering or mowing that worthless plot of grass
again! If he doesn't like that, he can kiss my ass!