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2003-10-01 08:18:39 (UTC)

Good days

There are good days in my life and there are bad days,
these two last days have definatley been good.
Yesterday I manage to do the same amount of work fra 10-14
a clock as I did last Tuesday from 10-18!! The chaper I
have this week is so exciting and easy! Its about
everything from eating disorders, fatigue, sex (did you
know that sex has four stages?) porn, gay people, who we
are attracted to, who we become close to, who we fall in
love with, and stil the chaper is not finished! (chapter
nine Passer and Smith)
This book is the best education book I ever have read, its
in English and the language can be difficult at some times,
but its well written, exciting, and thas tons of good
examples and test we can take to prove the theorys are
right. (like watching a flag eith a white spot in it for a
minut consentrate on the spot, the wacth at a greay sqare
with a a black spot and suddently you can see the flag in
the grey squere but noe in the opposite colors)
I do some of the test on Tommy or my familiy and they enjoy
it, Tommy says its okey that I try them out on him, as long
as I dont ask him how he feel afterwards, that would be way
more psychologic for my little man, hehe.

Everything is just great now these days, but you know he,
these things change werry weel, okey, now I remember one
thing thats not that`s not great, but Im in the computer
room, so I`ll tell you later..
Friday me and Kelly had a girls night, just the two of us,
it was so much fun. Normaly its me, Kelly and Cessy, but
Cessy has suddently ,and for no reason I think started to
dislike me, or at least it feels that way, nad she and
Kelly had a fight about politics on the msn, so Kelly told
me that she could not bear having Cessy there. I was okey
with that ofcourse, but if she came, it would have been the
best way to see if she really has started to dislike me, or
if its just something I think..
It was so fun just me and Kelly, we eat pizza, had chips,
drank cider (its a loooong funny story behind the cider)
watched sex and the city and talked for hours.
There is no one like Kelly, and Im so glad that shes my
friend. I remember that we became friends in the 5th grade,
and had become pretty close before christmas holiday, the
when school started, I got sick and threw up, something I
hate, som I was home crying and hoping that we would stil
be friends when I got back to school, it was so horrible!!
Today I just laugh about the whole thing, but belive me it
was not that funny then.
We dont get much time to each other, but sometimes we just
have to prioritite it, like Friday, it was girl`s
night, Tommy was home with me, and drove me to her, and
picked me up, but he wassnt there, he understood that we
needed some time alone. (to talk about him)
Among all my friends i think Kelly is the one he like best.
We brough her a gift together, because she has moved to a
place for her own, but since her whole family (mother,
father and two youngersisters) as on the Christina Agurlela
concert, we was home in her childhood home, not that far
from where I live.
I had been looking for days for the perfect present, cause
I wanted to make her happy, the I gave up and brough a
Jamie Oliver cookingbook, and she got really happy about
it. She had tryed to make some of his food on the tv
before, but didnt have any recepies. So her little sister
had promised to by a boom of him to christmas. (he has
manny books, so I diddnt steel her present, and besides, I
diddnt know) I had this note from the store with it, so she
could go and change the book to something else, but she
threw the note righ a way, cause she was so happy about the
book. Its good to se someone is happy about a gift you have
brought, especially if its someone that means the world to

Love Angel.