Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2003-10-01 02:21:16 (UTC)

HomeSchool Day

It seems that I've been enrolled in homeschool since
the 16th!! I mean what the crap?! I did all that worrying
for nothing? hahaha but oh well, my prayer was answered! I
felt so happy when I found out though! I haven't received
any work yet, but I don't really care! I might just drop
out when I'm 18, and put my education on hold after all.
Astrid has been keping my hopes up. We're still
together amazingly... she REALLY must love me... I love
that girl, and I'd give my life to protect her. To tell the
truth, I... I think she just might be the girl of my dreams
after all. I've told her that she already is, but nothing
is 100% certain until we meet in person. I'm sorry that I
feel that way, but I just don't want my heart broken again.
If she really is who I dreamed she is though,I'm
afraid I'll ask her to....marry me. But thats only if we're
still in love with each other a long time from now!! I'd
love to have her as my wife... not only that but proud
too!! She would be a good mother, a cook, and everything!
Actually, I can do most of the work she can, but I love her
all the same! Well, I gotta go. I'll write again someday.