2003-10-01 02:03:31 (UTC)

It's dead

I tried to search back to the root of money- how did this
mere symbol come to hold such power over human lives? Just
out of selfishness. Society is like a massive
gluttonous machine that devours us and spits out a shiny
nickel. The vulnerable sad girl with low self-esteem runs
away from home, the charming and persuasive pimp befriends
her at the bus station and buys her with dinner and a warm
place to stay, the pimp gets the girl addicted to crack or
heroine, and thus the girl becomes a whore. She could
escape, but she hasn't the courage, imagination or self-
esteem. Besides, she depends on this man for the drug, and
that means having sex with strangers. Money connects all
these things, and as far as I can see, this scenario is a
metaphor for what money does to people. They become slaves
to it, whores to it. They become THINGS to be bought and
sold. I don't want to escape the system yet though. I'm
young and I need to be involved in society, I need
sensation and adventure...I am not ready to become a hermit
or a solo wanderer in the woods, living on berries and
killing my own meat, blanketed by the cold night sky. I am
not ready for