you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2003-09-30 18:17:08 (UTC)

in school.

I’m in school now. Yuck. I should be writing the english
essay that was due yesterday, but I don’t feel like it.
Last night was so much fun. Andrew came over to pick up all
the stuff he left at my house and we ended up goin to the
mall and seeing Lost in Translation. Last night I thought
the movie kind of sucked but now i kind of like it, I
really want to go see it again. dunno why (but not as much
as once upon a time in mexico.. 3JD).

This morning I was dizzy from lack of sleep but then I felt
better after a while. Today was probably the first school
day that hasn’t been completely terrible. we got m&m’s in
hist, watched vid clips in lit (including the marilyn
monroe happy birthday and a liberace biography…eww…
liberace… fur… eww…)shit like that.... ahh 8min bell. today
is taking FOREVER... this diary entry had NO point.