Rev. Twitch

Rev. Twitch
2003-09-30 12:20:31 (UTC)

F***in' money

Due to a significant jump in taxes this year all your hope
and dreams are to be delayed indefinitely untill such
time as you get a better paying job, a second job, and
reduce your spending which presumably means no
more entertainment of any sort, no food, no fun. You
will work yourself to death and when your are done
you'll be too tired to do anything anyway. You shall
remain at home, no family, no friends. Work sleep work
sleep work sleep. Get used to this regiment so you can
continue to afford living in your crappy apartment condo
and drive your car (to and from work[s]). You will do this
mindlessly and cheerfully and you will not complain or
you shall loose everything you hold dear.


the MGT