listen to my silences
2003-09-30 05:32:21 (UTC)


tomorrow i have many places to go.

first i have to go to a meeting about selling jewelry

then i'm going to get my hair cut. short. i want to grow
it out but it's so much more fun and manageable when it's

lastly i'm going to madison because...

i can't say.

i want to write it in here but it's so hard. i want you to
know. but i can't tell you.

please don't judge me.

i'm going away now.

final thought: every time you judge him, you judge me too.
why can't you just listen instead of making opinions and
then telling me inadvertantly that everything i think and
feel is wrong. you don't know. you weren't there and you
don't know what happened. please stop judging me.